Black girl hairstyles

2013 Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Black women often experience bad hair days due to frizzy and dry hair and it is really not an easy thing to create polished look without spending much time. So which is the proper hairstyle that will be suitable for strong texture of Afro hair? Long hairstyle of course looks elegant and feminine, however it will take you much time to create neat hairstyle. The best alternative is stylish short haircut that will help you to create trendy and seductive look. Furthermore, short hairstyle will give you a chance to spend less time by the mirror and still have smashing.

2013 african-american-hairstyleafrican-american short hairstyle

There are zillion ideas of short haircut for any taste and personality so if you have made up your mind to go for changes, check out the following ideas of short hairstyles for black women and inspire yourself for beautiful makeover. If you still doubt whether short haircut will look trendy or not, you can always turn to celebrities who wear stunning short hairstyles.

2013 Pixie HairstylePixie Hairstyle

Stylish Pixie Hairstyle 2013Long bang hairstyle

The hottest short hairstyle that is oh so popular among celebrities and beauty icons is still pixie haircut. Do not think that pixie style will look masculine and boring. Once you create short pixie haircut, you will enjoy infinite advantages of this style. If you long for versatility, wear short pixie haircut with longer bang and style your hair super sleek for elegant look or create funky tousled hairstyle for more relaxed and casual image.  Read more »

2013 Chic Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Black women often face hair problems like frizzy and dry hair and it is rather difficult to maintain strong Afro hair. However, African American women have found lifesaver that looks really and attractive. If you are in need of some inspiration for your next beautiful makeover, check out 2013 chic bob hairstyles ideas for black women and choose the best one for your personality.

 African American Bob Hairstyleafrican bob hairstyle

Classy bob hairstyle is best option for any hair texture, face shape and taste, that’s why millions of women opt for medium bob haircut. This year bob hairstyle has been upgraded with new twists. Still, retro bob hairstyle is the most stylish and popular one.

long bob hairstyle for black womenAfrican-American asymmetric bob-hairstyle

If you are not ready for dramatic makeover, you can leave your hair a bit longer and opt for long bob haircut that will complete your elegant and feminine look. Furthermore, you will be able to experiment with your hairstyle and change your image on any occasion. If you have round or square face shape, long bob haircut combined with side bang will beautifully frame your face and hide your little faults. Read more »

2013 Chic Hairstyles for Black Women

African American women have unique hair with strong texture that’s why they should pay much attention to have glossy and smooth hairstyle. Mostly black women are seen with bouncy curls, however, there are also numerous hairstyles that can be created with black hair. Here is a brief gallery of hottest hairstyles for black women, so check out these examples and practice your skills to create similar hot look.

2013 African American micro braided hairstyle2013 French Braid for black women

In order to make the most of your curly hairstyle use conditioner and smoothing cream. The common problem about African American hair is dry and frizzy texture and the best way to deal with frizzy hair is to use hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Furthermore, regular hot oil treatment and homemade remedies will help you to give your hair smooth and silky touch.  Read more »

Stylish African American Hairstyles 2013

African American celebrities and beauty icons have already become beauty trendsetters and millions of women copy their image to have elegant and ultra hot look. Afro hair is no longer the one of high maintenance. Thanks to modern hair styling tools and products you will easily give silky and smooth touch to your frizzy hair. If you are looking for new ways to upgrade your hairstyle, check out these examples of stylish African American hairstyles 2013 and inspire yourself for makeover.

African American Curly HairstylesCurly hairstyles for black women

Recently Arfo bouncy curls have become very popular among African American celebs and I should say that this hairstyle is amazing and will be suitable for any occasion. If you want to create polished and elegant look, you can straighten your hair and then create any desired style from simple ponytail hairstyle to more complicated pulled up styles. The most important thing to keep in mind is to use conditioner and smoothing cream that will help you to deal with frizzy hair.

African American  Updo HairstylesAfrican American Pulled up Hairstyles

Next popular African American hairstyle that is widely used all over the world is creative cornrows hairstyle. The greatest thing about this style is that it will be suitable for any age. There are zillion options to create creative cornrows so turn to pro hairdresser who will grant you with the best cornrows hairstyle. If you thing that cornrows hairstyle is not suitable for you, you can opt for different braided hairstyles like simple French braid, fishtail or milkmaid braid. The styles are infinite. Read more »